JF Acne Care Wetwipes


JF Acne Care Wetwipes

Air pollution, haze, contaminant particles, dust, dirt and air-borne microorganisms are the impurities that would stick to the excessive oil produced by the oily-skin. This would result in clogged pores, inflammation and acne breakouts on acne-prone skin.

JF Acne Care Wetwipes is not just a regular wetwipes. It contains natural active ingredients known scientifically to be beneficial to the skin with acne and excessive-oil related problems.

Capryloyl Glycine – A functional active ingredient that controls excessive secretion of sebum and thus helps in restricting the growth of bacteria. It also helps reduce wrinkles and carry the other active ingredients to the deeper level of epidermis.

Panthenol – Upon application to the skin, this active ingredient would provide Vit B5 or Panthotenic Acid, which penetrates to the lower level of epidermis, hydrates the skin and protects the skin with its anti-inflammation properties.

Allantoin – An active ingredient that, with its keratolytic/desquamation effect on the upper layers of dead skin cells, increases the smoothness of the skin. It also promotes cell proliferation, helps in wound healing and soothes the skin as an anti-irritant.

Witch Hazel Extract – An astringent, anti-inflammation compound that helps in reducing swelling and repairing broken skin and fights bacteria.

JF Acne Care Wetwipes is formulated to protect acne-prone skin with Triple Active Care benefits:

Relieves skin from impurities.
Reduces excessive oil without over-drying.
Balanced formulation, suitable for regular use.

Direction: For external and normal usage only. Avoid contact with eyes.

Content: 10 sheets/pack.

Note: this product does not contain sulfur. It is a complementary-care product to our sulfur-based cleansers and cream.