Our Natural Active Ingredient

Sulfur is a time-honoured therapeutic mineral that naturally exists on your skin. It is a natural, safe and effective agent with proven efficacy on a variety of dermatological disorders, which are mainly acne and excessive oil problems. For topical applications, sulfur is a safe and non-carcinogenic substance.

Sulfur’s natural therapeutic benefits have been evident for decades, as people in many different parts of the world would travel to remote volcanic sulfur springs just to seek relief for their skin conditions. The presence of sulfur in our products help to treat a variety of forms of acne and other skin conditions such as blackheads, whiteheads, clogged pores and blemishes, as well as to reduce oiliness and unclog pores.

While there may be other products using sulfur as the active ingredient, JF Skin Solutions Acne Relief Products use only safe and quality sulfur sourced from countries reputable for their quality and safety standard and clean environment. JF cleanser bars have been referred by dermatologists and used by people for at least two generations, a track record that speaks for the safety and efficacy.