Acne Do’s and Don’ts


No matter how much you’re tempted, DO NOT scratch or pop pimples. Doing so can increase the chances of infection and scarring.

Try to refrain from touching your face as your hands often carry unseen bacteria.

Always wash your hands before touching your face. This includes before applying lotions, creams or makeup.

Glasses should be cleaned regularly since they collect sebum and skin residue.

You skin needs to breathe. If your acne is on your back, shoulders or chest try wearing loose clothing. Tight garments, such as headbands, caps and scarves should be avoided. If you have to wear them make sure they are cleaned regularly.

No matter how tired you are, don’t go to sleep with makeup on!

If you shave your face, make sure to use a safety razor that is sharp and clean. Soften your skin/beard with warm soapy water before applying the shaving cream.